Meet Our Team

When you choose to work with American Residential Lending, you can be confident that our licensed mortgage professionals will help you achieve your financial goals. Our experienced staff brings diverse backgrounds in the finance industry.


Check out our staff profiles to learn more about what each of us can do for you! 

Mark Wilson
Chief Executive Officer
Kirk Ayzenberg
Chief Financial Officer
Steven Ray Rampersaud
Chief Administrative Officer
Michael Charleston
Senior Loan Officer
Carl Colello
Senior Loan Officer
Ryan Felpel
Loan Officer
Paul Harrison
Senior Loan Officer
Roman Fogel, Esq.
Loan Officer / Licensed Attorney
Nancey Reid
Brian Watkins
Branch Manager
Eva Watkins
Loan Officer
Jeff Weaver
Loan Officer / Licensed Realtor
Dave Whiteman
Senior Loan Officer
Brad Warshaw
Branch Manager
Chris Turner
Branch Manager
Felicia Lavender
Loan Officer
Marc Thomas
Loan Officer
Patty Basargin
Branch Manager
Paul Marshall
Branch Manager
Sandra McDuffie
Branch Manager/Loan Officer
Steve Umansky
Area Director - Sr. Mortgage Banker
Valerie D. Cooke
Branch Manager
Yves Cham
Branch Manager
John Fortino
Richard Fuentes

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